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Being a friend

By Victoria Bolander
Posted on

I had the conversation with my friend.

I have been a registered nurse from well over 30 years and have had many experiences in talkng about end of life decisions and the need to clearly inform family members, loved ones and primary providers with our wishes.

Most recently it was a almost 90 year old friend. He lived with at times and by, at other times his step daughter. He had three biological children but preferred being near his step daughter. She had known him since she was a youngster so clearly had his best interest in taking good care of him. She mentioned she had no knowledge or paper work regarding his end of life wishes. I had conversations with my friend and subsequently anticipate he followed through.

I have found most people prefer NOT to think about it but soo need to take the time to consider alternatives of what occurs when advanced planning isn’t in place. I have sat on Ethics Committees of hospitals for at least a dozen years and frequently this subject is avoided at all costs with oft times painful results.

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