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How to Choose & Be a Health Care Proxy – Additional Resources

Download the Health Care Proxy Kit in various languages HERE.

What is a healthcare proxy? A healthcare proxy is a person who will make decisions about your medical care if you become unable to make them for yourself


  • State specific health care proxy forms from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
  • Making Sense of Health Care Proxies: A blog post answering the frequently asked questions about health care proxies.
  • Glossary of advance care planning terms: A document describing the various advance care planning documents and terminology.
  • Why Millennials Should Choose A Health Care Proxy: A blog that simultaneously acknowledges millennials’ refrain from having the conversation and the necessity for them to choose a healthcare proxy despite their age.
  • TCP’s Proxy Proposal: Use our proxy proposal decision tree to figure out if you’ve found the one.