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NEW Community Resource Center and Community Getting Started Guide

By Kate DeBartolo, 08/25/2015

“I’m so excited about this, but how do I get started?”

While having lunch with a professor at a nearby university, we got to talking about how she could introduce the Conversation Project in her school’s home town – Arlington, Virginia. We discussed the potential audiences to reach, venues to use for public events, ways to evaluate the success of the programming, who might be able to cover the costs for printing and some refreshments…all the nitty gritty details about launching a local initiative that will be well received by members of her community.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations have used our Conversation Starter Kit to help initiate conversations about wishes for care at the end-of-life. While many people focus on introducing this with a loved one, others are excited about the possibility of sharing this important topic within their community – where they work, live, and pray.

As I can’t have lunch with as many people as I’d like, our Community Resource Center is the perfect spot to jump in. You can watch a video to familiarize yourself with the site, explore tools created by our team and others, and give us feedback on what else you’d like to see added.

We recommend starting by reviewing our Community Getting Started Guide to help you get a feel for how best to introduce this in your area. By answering ten questions, and reading examples from others when they got started, you can develop your own plan for who to connect with and what next steps to take.

For example:

Who  is the audience you’re trying to reach?
How  is it best to reach them?
What  actions do you want them to take?

We know that every audience is unique and we depend on those within each community to know best how to introduce this important and sensitive topic. The good news and the bad news is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. In every lunch discussion or phone call I’ve had, the local leaders always explain something about their region that I would never have thought to address.  If you’re as excited as we (and hundreds of your soon-to-be friends) are about the opportunity to change the cultural norms in your community, please join us and give us feedback on the lessons you learn and the questions that come up for you. The Getting Started Guide and Community Resource Center are meant to be “living” resources and we’ll update them regularly with your suggestions.

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