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By Hannah
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I had the conversation with my parent.

I am a junior Nursing Student, and for my Geriatric class, we were encouraged to have a conversation with someone we would want to make decisions for us at the end of life. I had the Conversation with both my mother and father. I was very nervous before hand, especially when I told my mom that I wanted to have the talk with her and Dad, she told me that “Dad can get weird about those kind of things”. I asked her why, and she told me “It would be hard for him to think about you dying, because you are so young”. But when I sat them down, and explained that I really wanted to have the Conversation with them (not only for my class but for my personal comfort), my father seemed fine, and did not shy away from the topic. We discussed what I would want in regards to medication and life-saving measures, and then it came time to talk about what I saw in life. I suddenly had a rush of feelings that were mixed with nervousness, sadness, and anxiety. I realized that I am only 21, and up until then I was imagining my parents making these decisions when I am much older, rather than in my 20’s or 30’s. But I was able to calmly explain what I wanted and expected of them when it would be their responsibility to make those choices for me. In the end, my parents told me that they were happy I had the Conversation with them, and I encouraged them to think about what they would want for their own end-of-life. I am looking forward to having that conversation with them in the near future.

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