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Joe Moody Brown, January 15-18, 1993

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A Good Death for Joe Moody Brown

By Janet
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I had the conversation with my other loved one.

I have worked in and with health care for over 25 years. But all health care workers are eventually consumers of care, as well. I’m interested in the fact that I had a positive patient experience – even with a negative outcome — the death of my new baby. In 1993, the best moment of my life turned to the worst moment of my life within 24 hours as we learned that our new baby, Joe Moody Brown, was born unhealthy. What i reflect on and am thankful for is the excellence in clinical care we received and that the hospital supported our wishes and were instrumental in our child’s good death. This concept of a good death has comforted me and i still recall it very clearly, 21 years later. Somehow, during our three days of our child’s life, my husband and I made good decisions around our baby’s care but his inborn error of metabolism was fatal and on his third day he died. He died surrounded by family, without pain, surrounded by love, in a home-like setting. I am thankful that my baby had a good death and i wish it for all. I am now a Reiki trained hospice volunteer and i am passionate about helping others have a good death. I would like to help others realize the importance of articulating their wishes to loved ones. I wish for them to be out of the acute care setting, surrounded by friends and family, free of pain and cared for with love – unplugged and away from beeps and buzzers. I wish for them to listen to music, receive Reiki, play games, eat and drink what they please and interact with others in a comfortable, welcoming setting. We all die eventually and it’s time to “have the conversation” so it can be as wonderful as it can be.

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