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Hello I’m Baby Austin: A True Story

By Colette
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I had the conversation with my spouse.

Hello I’m Baby Austin was born on October 8, 2014 at one pound 14 oz as a micro preemie at 25 weeks gestation period. I came in the world kicking my little arms and little legs I was a miracle baby. The doctors knew I was a survive with all I been though.

I was giving mommy a lot of problems when I was in the womb because I wanted to see the big world but the doctors would not let me out. My mommy had to t go two surgeries , and she had to stay on bed rest. and I acted so bad in the womb I kick my embrocated sack so my mommy water broke at 23 weeks.

The doctors had to give my mommy a lot of medicine to slow me down I was just to hyper that was my time out for being very bad. On October 8. 2014 at 8:30 pm I guess mommy and I were tried so that was a great way out of that dark and lonely place called her womb. I know mommy was ready to see her little miracle boy and the doctors to. My mommy had to leave the hospital but I had to stay all by myself in the NUCIU for three months because I was not well enough to go home with her.

They put me in this little box called the isolette that kept me cozy like my mommy womb . I heard a all these strange voices that I did not recognize I know it want mommy voice and then I knew I was free and joined the big world. I still could not play because I had all these tubes on me so that was not fun at all. I wanted to know where was mommy I was scared but I had to be a big boy so I could show mommy how strong I was so I could be held by her when I get well.

So I got well quick I was ready to go home with mommy and daddy I was so happy ready to go home so I could get all my hugs and kisses. I spent so many hours with mommy letting her change me, give me my bottle, singing twinkle, twinkle little star, giving me my baths, but something happen on January 13, 2015 I did not here mommy voice no more there was daddy voice and some strangers voices. I did know what was going on where was my mommy where did she go again since then I haven’t heard from my mommy did she die, did she leave me with these strange people, is she coming back for someday because I miss my mommy.

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