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I’m so relieved!

By Danette
Posted on

I had the conversation with my parent.

We then talked about his beloved dog and who should take him when the "time came".
It was my normal Monday evening where I go to see my dad for dinner and some times to go shopping, but most important to watch his favorite show…”Dancing with the Stars”! As soon as I walked in he said “Oh good, come with me”. We walked to his bedroom where he showed me a box he had kept under the bed. In it were beautiful war/service documents, thanking him for his service to his country, including a letter on “White House” letterhead, signed by Harry Truman! Wow, I was impressed. He showed me these in case I needed proof when asking for a military funeral service for him. We then went back to the kitchen table where he opened up a folder. In it were life insurance policies, information on his savings and checking accounts and other important papers. We then talked about his beloved dog and who should take him when the “time came”. Clothes and furniture were not important, anyone could have whatever or just donate it all, but Diego his beloved companion on 4 legs was very importnat, and who he ended up with mattered. Once we went over everything, he sat back and said “I have been wanting to have this conversation with ou for a long time but the timing wasa never right. I am so glad we finally did it, I am SO relieved. We then had our dinner and settled in to his “show”. I have never been so proud of my 88 year old father…..

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