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Must He go before I?

By connie
Posted on

I wish I had the conversation.

August 13, 1992 was the day of all heart break for myself and husband, well the whole family, really. Our 25 year old son was injured in an accident and lived on total life support for three and a half weeks. Then the decision was made to turn it off and just” WAIT” wait while he died. Oh there is much of this story I could tell you, but what I want to share is that now, all these years later, I realize that myself, who was trained for Hospice work, worked in health care for 14 years, I had a responsibility. It should have been that even the younger family members should have been included in a conversation about the “what if’s” and what would you want done. Those decisions were upon our shoulders after our child was injured. It would have made a difference if only there had been some prior input. Don’t for get the younger ones. Length of time for medical intervention. Donations of organs, services, memorials, special arrangements or burial verses cremation, and the story can go on.

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