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My longest day, soon to be my children’s

By Mary
Posted on

I had the conversation with my child.

It was thanks to God that Frank, my husband, our sons and and I had had “the” conversation several years before that longest day which came to an end when I told the nurse to turn off the machines which for some eight hours had sustained him while doctors decided on whether anything could or should be done. At that time, confirmation by my older son made the decision even easier, since we both knew what Frank wanted. Now that I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer, I have made my wishes known verbally and in writing to my sons and my physicians. When the doctors offered me treatment which would add perhaps three months to my life expectancy without treatment, I opted for palliative care and expect to die peacefully in my own home without any extreme measures but with any pain relief that Hospice will provide. My prayers are for the continued grace of God in accepting His will and thanking Him for a very full life.

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